Here We Go Again

The RV is fully stocked, and we’re ready to go!

Last week, we kicked off our 2018 Destination: Healthy Skin program in New York City. Over the next three months, we will travel around the country to provide free full-body skin cancer screenings along with educational materials and Walgreens brand sun care items. While our RV is the same, we’ve made some great changes which will allow us to reach more people.  Here’s what you can expect from this year’s program:

More dermatologists: We have more dermatologists volunteering for the program this year than we had in 2017. This means we’re able to increase the number of free skin cancer screenings offered at events.

Different locations: Our roadmap looks a bit different than it did last year. We’re bringing the program to a few new cities including Virginia Beach, Nashville and Miami. See the full schedule.

Ways for the little ones to get involved: We’re pleased to offer a children’s activity at each event to help our younger visitors learn more about sun-safe behaviors. We’ll also have sun care items designed specifically for babies and children.

Interactive activities for the whole family: We want to make sure a visit to the RV is educational, memorable and fun. This year, we will have a photo booth and interactive trivia to test your skin cancer knowledge. In select markets, Walgreens specially trained beauty consultants and pharmacists will be on-hand to distribute sunburn alert stickers, educate visitors on the importance of sun protection, provide recommendations for sun care and sunburn treatments, and educate patients on medication that can cause photosensitivity.

More ways to support the program: This summer, our RV will travel 10,000 miles and reach over 30,000 people. It’s a long journey and one we can’t do without your help. Please sponsor a mile of our trip and help us save lives.

Along the way, we’ll share updates from the road. Please check back often or sign up for email notifications. Together, we can raise awareness and save lives.