Victories from the Road

As we near the end of our 2018 program, we can’t help but reflect on the many successes we’ve had along the way. The little ones, like finding a parking space big enough for the RV on a crowded street (it’s 38 feet long), and the big ones, like reminding entire communities about the need for daily sun protection and annual skin exams.

After each stop, we’ve been lucky enough to hear from event participants. Many send us a quick note of thanks and share words of encouragement as seen in the examples below:

“So awesome! I was in and out within half an hour.”

“I loved that fact that the RV was in the middle of the Farmer’s Market in Dallas . . . and they were having goat yoga just next door.  Wonderful. Keep up the good work. It’s very important.”

“What a great service, thanks so much.”

“I don’t have anyone to check out spots on my back that I can’t see, and I don’t have a dermatologist yet-so this was really helpful!”

“A memorable experience. Getting the screening was a good idea.”

“Wonderful professionals donating their time – thank you.”

Other participants have contacted us to say this program might have saved their lives and have shared updates on their follow-up visits. In one example, a woman who visited the RV in New York City, and convinced her husband to come back the next day for a skin exam, wrote to us and shared that her husband had been diagnosed with two melanomas which were identified by the volunteer dermatologist at the event. Two weeks ago, we heard from another woman whose squamous cell carcinoma was detected by another one of our volunteer dermatologists. If she hadn’t visited the RV for a skin cancer screening, her diagnosis and treatment would have been delayed.

These success stories fuel our work and remind us that we have a long road ahead in reaching our goal of reducing the incidence of the world’s most common cancer. We’re grateful for everyone who has visited an event, sent their support from afar or purchased a mile in this journey. You all have played an integral role in the success of this program.