Our Story

In 2017 The Skin Cancer Foundation introduced Destination: Healthy Skin a mobile skin cancer education and screening program. In the first year of the program, the Foundation provided more than 800 free skin cancer screenings on board the Destination: Healthy Skin RV, which houses two private exam rooms. As our RV traveled around the country, 32 volunteer dermatologists identified more than 200 suspected skin cancers, while thousands of pedestrians learned about prevention and early detection.

This year we’re back with more: more events, more volunteers and more educational activities. During our travels, we will be sharing updates from the road, stories from participants who inspire us and prevention tips to keep your skin healthy. Please follow along and buy a mile to help support this important program.

Intuition, Luck, Opportunity

Sometimes the stars align. A young woman who loved the sun listened to her instincts about some new dark moles on her abdomen. She decided to get her skin checked when she heard about The Skin Cancer Foundation’s Destination: Healthy Skin screening program. A power outage almost stopped her, but a series of coincidences and kindnesses got her the help she needed — before it was too late. Her story will inspire you! Read the full story here.