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In 2008, The Skin Cancer Foundation launched its first cross-country tour, working with volunteer dermatologists to provide free skin cancer screenings and patient education to communities across the United States. To date, our customized 38-foot RV, which houses 2 private exam rooms, has travelled nearly 129,000 miles. Our efforts have helped to identify over 9,000 suspected skin cancers and precancers and more than 350 of them were suspected to be potentially deadly melanomas.

This year, we’re pleased to introduce Destination: Healthy Skin; it’s the same RV used in previous years, but with a new look and a new plan to reach even more people! During our travels, we will be sharing updates from the road, stories from participants who inspire us and prevention tips to keep your skin healthy. Please follow along and make a donation to help support this important program.

Kevin’s Legacy: Helping Others with Melanoma

Kevin Anderson

Kevin S. Anderson (above, on a trip to Cabo San Lucas) should be playing golf and poker with his family and friends in Kansas City. He shouldn’t have died from melanoma in 2008 when he was only 44. But that year, more than 62,000 people were diagnosed with this dangerous form of skin cancer, and, like Kevin, more than 8,400 people died from it.

Treatment options were limited for people like Kevin in 2008. Today there are more effective treatments that are extending the lives of many patients, and new research promises even greater hope for those with melanoma in the future.

To honor Kevin, his family and a group of friends created the nonprofit charity All In For Skin, an annual golf and Texas Hold’em tournament to raise money for college scholarships for kids in Kansas and Missouri whose families have been affected by melanoma.

To broaden their impact, the board members of All in for Skin (spurred by treasurer Scott Samuels) also decided to jump-start The Skin Cancer Foundation’s 2017 Destination: Healthy Skin program with a donation of $100,000. Now they’re not only helping people who have already been affected by melanoma, but also supporting prevention and early detection of skin cancer. The Destination: Healthy Skin RV will be at the All In For Skin event August 20, 2017, at Deer Creek Golf Club in Overland Park, Kansas.

Kevin’s younger brother, Keith S. Anderson, president of All In For Skin, says, “We hope this gift will help others avoid what our family went through.”

Read the details of Kevin’s story, as well as what his oncologist says about how treatments have improved since then. It might inspire and motivate you to take action, too.